Hiring Summit 101

At the Hiring Summit, you will:

  • Visit hiring partner booths to meet with recruiters and learn about companies
  • Connect with other job seekers and GWC community members
  • Hear from inspiring leaders from GWC, GWC alumni, and our partner companies
  • Submit your resume for consideration for interviews during the live event and follow-up by companies with appropriate open roles

The Hiring Summit will include several online areas for exploration, learning, and connection:

  • In the Exhibition Hall, hiring partners will each have a virtual booth where they will share resources about their companies, open roles, and the application processes. Their staff will be on hand to answer questions in the chat and to individually invite attendees to one-on-one calls for deeper conversation as needed. Each Booth has its own chat where you can ask recruiters questions about their company.
  • In the Auditorium, you’ll hear from employees across different companies, partner organizations, and GWC alumni as they share their knowledge about building your professional network, how AI might influence career trajectories, finding the right fit for you, and even more!
  • In the Matchmaking area, you will have the opportunity to join at specific times to engage with your peers in quick, 1:1, randomized networking sessions on the platform.
  • In the Info Desk, you’ll find information about upcoming GWC programming and opportunities to ask for support. Whether it’s chatting with GWC staff about the day or vFairs support about tech, this section is here for any questions you may have during the event.
  • Throughout the event, you’ll see opportunities to engage with your peers, participate in a leaderboard activity, and join a raffle for prizes!

Guidance for best practices, how to prep, and resources to support you in that process coming soon! Check back the week before the summit for the full participant handbooks here.

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